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My Goal

My goal in life is to help people lead a better and happier life by sharing the knowledge and experience I gained throughout my 70+ years.

I never feel happier than when have truly helped another person. I hope that the songs on my album “Who I Am” will contribute, to some extent, to that goal. Above all, I hope you enjoy the music and that it will give you some uplifting moments.
So Enjoy!

“It is not true you stop pursuing dreams when you grow old. You grow old when you stop pursuing dreams” – Alfonso Molino

Album Lyrics

“1. Sail On”

a lot of spectators of the showbizz
are writing how strange it all is
they think that life is just a talkshow.
newspaper stories on vip’s
distracting us from realities
what’s going on behind that paper wall?

sail on sail on sail on through
finish off the started things
as if they were new
sail on sail on through
it’s easy if you do

it may seem nice not to look at things
it may seem smart just to go away
oh boy come on, it’s only for a day…

Special thanks

To my producer Ernst Van Dusseldorp who, with his passion and inspiration, helped me fulfill my dream of recording this debut CD. Without his help and belief in the project, my songs would probably have never seen the light of day.

Also, special thanks to and admiration for Johan Keeman, who played the different guitars on all the tracks. His contributions have been invaluable!

Further thanks for the creative

input from Rhythm Haakman, and the other musicians. It has been a joy to have worked with all of you.


Here are a few references that give a bit more information about the background of some songs.

Broken Farm – www.earthorganization.org

Fake News – www.factcheck.org; www.mediawijsheid.nl

Human Rights – www.ohchr.org; www.youthforhumanrights.com

Psychiatry – www.cchr.org or .nl

For more references, information about myself and my activities visit my website: